by Zdeněk Škoda



All songs written and arranged by Zdeněk Škoda
Mixed and produced by Ondřej Skoumal & Zdeněk Škoda

Dedicated to our beloved cat Emma (2013-2016)


released May 23, 2016

Zdeněk Škoda: vocals, synth bass, synth guitar, keyboards, samples, programming
Ondřej Skoumal: guitars, bass, 6-string bass, additional programming

Photography by Martina Knápková



all rights reserved


Zdeněk Škoda Prague, Czech Republic

Zdeněk Škoda is a Czech musician. The lead singer of The Faint Smile...

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Track Name: Entrance
I'm constantly angry
Although I laugh a lot
There were times that I could barely go out
I'm constantly hungry
For the things I've never got
It all makes me breathe in to sigh and shout
And sigh and breathe out

I constantly enter
Into the tangled maze
Hiding away from the human race
It's left, right and centre
I wish they could drop
I wish I could stop the rot

Hiding away
Can't stay this way
Hiding away
On a day like today
Track Name: Leaving By Train
Leaving by train
What was it all for?
I'm clung to yesterday
No return ticket in my hand

Leaving by train
The only thing I find
Not silly but quite sane
Is just looking through the window
And letting everything go...
Track Name: Lull You To Sleep
Tomorrow you'll be born
The first kiss
The first yawn
Throwness into this cockeyed world
We'll be trying to lull you to sleep
To make you strong to love
To make you hardy to love
Track Name: The Creeps
All of a sudden my legs refuse to move
As I see you

I have not been writing poetry since that olden time
Now these lyrics seem to rhyme
So close but far away on a bus 167
There's a mixture in me: the smell of hell and heaven

I feel the creeps

Our lives are divided and satisfied
Now you're not speechless and I'm not tongue-tied
Kind words appeared and disappeared
Will we ever me?
Track Name: Night Club
I hated to stay in the night club
There are many things that go bump in the night
A pearl-eyed girl accosts me 'hi, bub'
And I faint from the flashing strobe light

Swooning away

"Would you mind getting me on my feet?"

Now I'm back on my feet
Passers-by helped me to restart my heart-beat
It must have been love at first sight
As effective as the flashing strobe light

(Every single second with her is eternity
Every single second with her is serenity
Her scent, voice, lips, gait, face and everything...
It all fits me like a glove)
Track Name: Winter
Every single honest smile will die of cold one day
All the artful deep-laid guiles will die of cold one day
And time will heal every scar...

The heat of your breath will die of cold one day
The fear of lurking death will die of cold one day

Bluster and silence will be frozen one day
Cuddling and violence will be frozen one day

We have not chosen this, have we?
Track Name: Not Just For Today
I remember the night on a tram stop...
They played The Cure
There was no doubt that I was really sure

So smile like you can smile
Like you've always been smiling
I want to see you giggle again

Laugh like you can laugh
Like you've always been laughing
I want to see you grin again

I stop asking myself what when why how who or which
I remember the kebab night with The Miserable Rich

So drink like we can drink
Like we've always been drinking
I want to see us plastered again

Not just for today
Track Name: Need Badly
Many things you can feel just once and no more
Many voices you can feel just once and no more

I want the past time to come back
As I loved it madly
Gentle arms around my neck
I need the badly

Sing birds sing
Track Name: Exit
All my feelings tend to blend
When I see the labyrinth's end
Each end brings a new start they say
Yeah, the illusion I may pray for
Another day like tomorrow
Often serves tears and sorrow